About Oview

Becoming part of Humanity's Space history

We bring Space to everyone by gameplay, exploration & community collaborations.

Together, we will launch actual spacecrafts to Space, train more people than ever before and create games that teach our children how to think, live and work in the next era of Space exploration and industrialization. 

Launching a cube-sat to LEO, Lunar orbit or even Venus takes far less resources than ever before. With you becoming an Oview partner, we can do these (and the other) things.

Join our cause and make Space accessible for everyone.


What does the app actually do?

The App is the first ever "Sci-fi - realist" game. The storyline is led by our imagination but the satellites' modules, Physics, phenomena and some of the mission aspects are true to life and taken out of reality. That's the gaming part. Now let's address the social elephant in the room: We are social beings and as Space nurds - it's great to geek out with like minded people that can either teach or even learn from us.

I saw other apps that teach you more about the solar system. What's the difference here?

We are "gaming and social" first, educational second. Not that learning about Space is wrong, of course not (what's the matter with you man?!). It's that it needs to be fun, engaging and relationship provoking first. No worries, you will learn a ton! (imperial measurements are out of scope here - sorry. Long live the metric system!)

What's all this talk about real spaceships and satellites?

Our vision is to make Space accessible for everyone. For that, we need dedicated satellites and probes that would serve our community. Wether it's content creation (satellites with cameras, lighting, screen) or gaming (put them lasers onboard Zeek!), it would be great to build our own ships, I am sure you agree, because you're a geek, just like us...

Now, before we go launching' spacecrafts we need to make sure that you (yes - you) are interested in the type of content we generate. So, until we do launch, we conjured up a few interesting partnerships that allow us to connect to existing satellites and probes out there in the solar system and build our games on top of those.

What's the overarching story of what we are doing here?

We came up wit this imaginary post apocalyptic story of how we all need to become space-literate ASAP because of a global pandemic. Well, 2020 happened and it made it absolutely clear that we need to haul our asses and push this thing forward. This may not be a survival story but it is definitely the story that would carry us out of this global financial recession as we venture onwards in the fast growing Space industry.

How often does the app update?

We update the app every 3 months with new games and adventures with access to more spaceships in the solar system.

How can I contribute?

 If you are a: SW developer, designer, community manager, product developer or just have a great idea regarding the Space community, we want you!

You can write to us here and tell us what ideas you have and how you think you can fit in.